The Work We Do

For our work, we need our hands, so we ensure our clients don’t have to hold them as we complete their projects. Our dedicated team of individuals will know exactly what to do, how to do it and when it needs to be done well before the first day of breaking ground. We specialize in concrete, so let us do what we do best; on the jobsite, you’ll certainly have better things to do than micromanage our work.

Every project we take on maximizes value and minimizes waste, and we are proud to operate accordingly with Lean construction principles. This management-based production strategy increases our performance and the value of our construction, focusing specifically on the overall quality of our projects.

Let’s face it; in this industry, time is money, and usually a lot of it. Undoing a poor concrete job can be a pain in your wallet—and a pain in the schedule. To us, a shifty foundation equals a shifty project. We keep ‘shifty’ out of our vocabulary, and when working with us, you will too. We consider it part of our job to instill a peace of mind throughout all stages of construction.

We work with project owners and/or general contractors to complete commercial and industrial concrete projects. Given the opportunity, our team of knowledgeable, tough, experienced professionals will prove we’ve got ability to complete your project competently. Below is a selection of the types of work we do:

  • Commercial Work– Including foundations, walls and frames
  • Site Work– Including paving, walks and drives
  • One Side Concrete Walls
  • Industrial Work– Including foundations, walls, pits, equipment bases and containment tanks

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